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ERP/CRM Solutions
775 Technology is well versed in ERP and CRM systems from many vendors and can help you with the selection, implementation, and management of any ERP or CRM project.  Ask us about our industry vertical solutions for Industrial Supply/MRO, Janitorial/Sanitation and Paper, or Office Supplies distributors and dealers.  We are experts in Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) as well as many third party vertical extensions of the AX platform.  Interested in a hosted ERP solution?  Ask us about Dynamics AX or NetSuite using a hosted model.

Technology Review and Selection Assistance
Our Business Technology Consultants can help your company plan for, decide on, implement, train, and manage technology projects that add value to your business. We specialize in helping you make the right decision on which technologies to implement and how to manage the implementation after a decision is made.

Independent 3rd Party Implementation/Project Management
775 Technology can help you implement a project you have already selected, a project you’d like to implement in the future, or rescue a project you’ve had on the books for too long. As an independent party, 775 Technology can ensure your business is achieving success with your partners and your employees and bring your project to a successful completion. Where needed, we also have the tools available to simplify and reduce the effort required for implementation including data migration and project management experience.

Business Process Optimization
In many cases, you already know there’s an easier way to accomplish the tasks in your business but you’re not sure what solutions exist or the effect on your bottom line. 775 Technology’s Business Technology Consultants are skilled at identifying the processes in your business and the technology that will optimize your tasks. We can help you review your processes, select an optimization technology, and create a cost/benefit analysis you can use to truly evaluate and improve your processes.